Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

Harbor Breeze fans are made exclusively by Litex industry, which is well known for its perfection and high-quality products. Durability and reliability are the key features of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. The Harbor Breeze fans are made with the highest quality materials. This is the main reason why these fans last long and work so efficiently .

Yet, like any other electronic equipment, these fans can also get broken or can face some faults with time. The minor faults can be fixed with little repair, but if some major problem occurs, you may have to replace their parts. Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts are unique, and so you should have knowledge of these parts if you plan to do some repairs on your own. If you know the model of your fan, you can get these parts easily and very affordable prices.Harbor Breeze parts

Harbor Breeze parts…

Different Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts have different and special functions. Damaging or stripping down of any of these may lead to poor functionality of your fans.

Ceiling Fan Blades and Arms – Blades are the parts of a fan that are responsible for air circulation by moving the air downwards or upwards. Different Harbor Breeze models have different number of blades. Mainly ranging from 3 to 6, these Harbor Breeze ceiling fan blades can easily be found and  replaced.

If your fan starts wobbling or when the blades get warped or rotten, you may need to replace them. Sometimes, you can just replace these fan blades to upgrade the look of your fan. Harbor Breeze replacement fan blades are easily found and available online. You can get the blades that match your previous ones or you can go for different ones for a change.

Fan blade arms are used to attach the blades to the motor, and are available as well in different styles.

Electric motors, capacitors and flywheels – Some times your fan stops working unexpectedly. This can be due to a broken motor or flywheels. You can buy these parts according to the type of your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Also, they are not so expensive and can effortlessly be replaced.

Ceiling Mount and adapter – You should use a Harbor Breeze mounting kit and adapter, to get a safe connection to your ceiling fan. Ceiling mounts are of different types, such as: Ball and socket mounting, sloped ceiling mounting and close to ceiling mounting.

Harbor Breeze pull chainPull Chain, switch, and remote control –  Harbor Breeze Pull Chains are available in various styles, from playful to elegant ones. These pull chains, switches and remote-controls are used to turn the fans and lights on and off,  to adjust the fan speed or to reverse the direction of the blades. These Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan parts can also be replaced if they get broken. You can purchase your fan with remote-controls, or you can get these separately.

harbor breeze light kitHarbor Breeze Light Kits – Adding lights to your ceiling fans makes your room more appealing and illuminated. These lights are expendable and need to be replaced on regular basis. 

Downrods – With the help of Harbor Breeze Downrods, you can adjust the height of your fans according to the height of the walls in your room. You can also get these Downrods in different sizes and finishes that match with your home decor.